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Sauerkraut: Food of the [German] Gods! February 10, 2012

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Sauerkraut is one of my newly discovered favorite foods!

Seems fitting, too, since I have some German heritage.



The benefits are amazing!  Since I can’t have my glorious Kefir anymore since it is dairy, I eat sauerkraut, which has a lot of healthy probiotics in it, that I used to get from Kefir, along with a whole bunch of other wonderful things, too.


Sauerkraut Article!  Woohoo!


Sweeteners: 4 Best, 3 Worst January 24, 2012

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Great article to read!




I already do my very best to avoid HFCS and all fake sugars, and only try to eat sweeteners naturally found in nature.




Interesting Article on Vegan Bodybuilders! January 6, 2012

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Vegan Bodybuilder and his Tomatoes.


Veganism and Bodybuilding!


An interesting topic.  There are non-dairy protein powders out there, that are actually really delicious!  I use either a bit of soy, or I do like my vanilla rice protein, since I can’t eat dairy/eggs/gluten (whey protein is out for me!)


More power to them, as long as their healthy, strong, and getting all the nutrients and protein their bodies and muscles need.


Happy [Almost] New Year! December 30, 2011

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Happy New Beginnings, everyone!

It’s going to be fantastic new year.  This year will be my year, your year, OUR year!  It’s all up to us to live fully, make an effort to take care of our health, happiness, and overall well-being.

I like to think of the New Year as a fresh start, a clean slate.  Some people don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, but I’m all for them!  For me, starting something new knowing that what’s in the past is in the past helps me to succeed.  Living for the now is so important!

Living a vibrant, productive, healthy life full of the people I love and care about is very crucial for my happiness.  I am going to give it my best effort to do all of this even more this coming 2012!

My major “health” goals/resolutions this coming year is to improve on what I’ve started.  I would very much like to tone up a little bit more, and feel fantastically confident in a two-piece bathing suit this coming summer.  (I’m going to start now, not in the spring!  Now is what is important.)  I’m going to up my kettle-bell “consumption”, and do at least one more additional workout a week.

I also need to stop eating so many darn crackers!  My go-to is my gluten-free crackers with my Teddie Flaxseed Peanut Butter (which is my favorite PB in the whole world…the flax makes it taste “nuttier” if that’s even possible!)   I’ve started supplementing celery for the crackers, so I still get the crunch, but not the extra carbs.

My favorite peanut butter ever! It is beyond delicious.

What is/are your resolution(s)?


Quick Hair Update! December 27, 2011

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My hair, so far, is taking pretty well to this new regimen of baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Last week, I made my own hair oil (soybean, vitamin e, lots of coconut oil, and clove essential oil) and used that in my hair and when it dried, it was really oily. I came to the conclusion that I used way too much.

I also then added  7-12 pumps of “Ion Inspired by Nature Nourishing Oil Treatment” from Sally Beauty Supply.  That seemed to help with the oiliness, and I don’t use quite so much anymore.

My hair is also getting really static-y, but I figure that’s A) because it’s not weighed down by product anymore, and B) it’s winter, and static is rampant.

My hair isn’t as soft and silky (yet) as it was when I was using shampoo and conditioner, but I figure that my hair is still detoxing a bit.  I wash my hair about 2-4 a week with the baking soda, and use the ACV almost every time I bathe.


So far, I really like it.  It’s affordable, economical, green, and I feel like I’m “doing better” for my body as a whole.






Coconut Sports Drink: A New Favorite! December 22, 2011

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So, after perusing my local Big Lots (one can find some sweet gems in there, sometimes!) I discovered O.N.E. Active Coconut water.  [O.N.E. stands for One Natural Experience.]  Comes in Grape Berry, Cranberry Grapefruit, and Lemon Lime (which I did NOT  like, personally.)  And at fifty cents each, it’s a fantastic deal!

Ingredients (Grape Berry):

  • coconut water
  • water
  • citric acid
  • grape juice concentrate (color)
  • natural flavor
  • Stevia leaf extract.

O.N.E. Active’s essential herbs and minerals:

  • Panax ginseng: known to help support the body’s functions and increase resistance to physical, chemical and biological stress.
  • Ginkgo biloba: known to enhance circulation, memory and concentration.
  • Antioxidants: known to protect cells from oxidative damage and improve peripheral circulation.
  • Catuba bark: may provide vigor and stamina and strengthen the central nervous system.

With only 9 grams of carbs (8 grams of those sugar) and 40 calories, I’m loving this.   The Grape Berry is my favorite, followed by Cranberry Grapefruit.  I did NOT enjoy the Lemon Lime so much, since I could taste the actual coconut strongly through it.  The reason I love these is because I don’t really taste the coconut water at all (I do not like the taste of the stuff, but love the nutrition) and I still get the electrolytes from the C.H2O.  And with Ginko biloba for energy, and ginseng  for reducing fatigue/improving athletic endurance, I feel a lot better working out.  Though the amount of these herbs are less than you’d normally take supplement wise (among my vitamins and herbs I do take ginseng), it is a nice little pick-me-up.

Along with my l-glutamine “laced” water, this sports drink suits me juuuust fine.  It has no HFCS like Gatorade (ugh) so I feel like I’m putting the right stuff into my body that it needs.

Here’s an actual calorie count for the Grape Berry.

What the heck is l-glutamine?  Here’s a little info from one of my new favorite sites.


World’s Healthiest Foods: A Fantastic Guideline! December 21, 2011

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I discovered World’s Healthiest Foods a few years ago, and still use it as a guideline.  I find it really helpful when finding the most nutritious foods for my body, as well as creating wonderful recipes!

This is another FABULOUS way to educate yourself on nutrition.  The more you know, you’re more likely to make better educated choices when it comes to food.  This site has personally helped me in discovering foods’ potential.

This website is pretty easy to explore, though the foods’ list is a bit harder to find (it’s on the left side and farther down on the WHFoods website) and it is a good tool for making better choices and improving your health.

Raspberries are a favorite treat of mine!  I love summer, and having fresh, ripe raspberries is one of the best things in the world.  When it’s off-season, I like to buy frozen raspberries from my local grocery store (organic is usually the best) and just take a handful or two and nosh on them after dinner, as my dessert!  I’ve found I like fruit better than any sorbet, ice cream, or cake.  I’ve turned into a health nerd!  🙂


World’s Healthiest Foods

World’s Healthiest Foods: The List

Goodness, gracious!  Create Your Own Recipes!


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